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Hi there! Could you PLEASE tell me about the group interview did? What was involved? I have one this Friday :) (private please) xxx

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I recently had group interviews for schuh and urban outfitters so I’m not sure which one you mean. For schuh it was really nice! It was a group of about 8 of us with 3 interviewers (a manager, a supervisor and a part time sales assistant). They told us about the culture of the company, and had us draw, describe/annotate and present to the group what we thought the perfect sales assistant would be in groups of two. I would also definitely recommend researching a little about the company because they asked us what we knew. They also asked why we wanted to work specifically at schuh. For urban outfitters it wa similar questions but they didn’t talk about the company and asked us usual questions as well as requiring a little brand knowledge (what brands they stock etc). I got an offer for schuh but I haven’t heard from urban outfitters yet. Schuh seems like a really cool company to work in though and the interview was really fun!! (I accepted the offer). If you’ve got any other questions don’t hesitate to ask me, best of luck in your interview btw!! 💕 xxx





Self defence sprays that are legal to carry and use in the United Kingdom

Image 1: Farbgel
Image 2: StoppaRed

I’ve seen a lot of people (mostly women, for reasons which may be obvious) speaking about being worried when going out, be it alone or even with friends, both in the day and at night. I know that a lot of female friends of mine carry around a can of antiperspirant or a pot of pepper to use if they’re ever attacked. What I know a lot of people don’t realise is that there are products out there which work in a violent situation and help in catching the assailant for the best part of a week afterwards.

Known as ‘criminal identifiers’, these sprays are brightly coloured dyes which can be sprayed in the face of an attacker. Unlike things such as CS or Pepper sprays, criminal identifier sprays are legal in the UK.

There’s a few available on the market, with farbgel and Mace’s Stoppared being the mostly highly recommended.

What these sprays do is release a sticky, brightly coloured dye. It’s difficult to wipe away and stains the skin a bright red colour. No matter how hard an attacker might try to remove it from their skin and clothing, the staining typically lasts for around a week and doesn’t even start to fade until after a few days have passed.

Unlike CS and Pepper sprays (which, again, aren’t legal in the UK) criminal identifier sprays don’t cause irritation or pain to an attacker. Instead, they expand and clog up the area sprayed with a kind of sticky foam that’s difficult to wipe away. It should give you enough time to escape and report someone whose face resembles a baboon’s arse to the police.

Each can of the sprays costs around £10 each, though it may be cheaper when buying multiple canisters and if you shop around.


StoppaRed UV Personal Attack Self-Defence Spray by Mace

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It should give you enough time to escape and report someone whose face resembles a baboon’s arse to the police.

That’s brilliant